Farewell Griffin Park

07 October 2020

Sav Kyriacou

Sav became a fan 1971-72 when Brentford were doing well in Division 4. He recalls the patronising responses when people learnt he was a Brentford fan - “poor, little Brentford”. He observed that it’s “always been like that.” His cousin and brother were both Fulham fans, and his best friend was a QPR fan, so his support of Brentford was partly to be “awkward”. Living in North London, Sav didn’t attend many matches as a youth.

Match-day atmosphere when first came - bigger Royal Oak end, much deeper New Road. Games were inevitably half empty and it felt “a little bit dangerous” as Sav wasn’t there with a big group of friends. It was also “a little bit seedy”. His match-day routine has changed over the years as he has met more people: in the early days, it was a quick drink, the game and then go. Now it’s a couple of hours in the pub before (and sometimes after!) the match.

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