Farewell Griffin Park

23 August 2020

Martin Allen

Asked how he came to be Brentford manager; Martin recalls he was contacted by representatives of the supporters’ trust about the job. At the end of the interview where he had asked all the questions, Martin – excited by the prospect of managing in the football league, said he would let them know the outcome.

Martin then recalls that his Dad had applied for the manager’s job at Brentford and got to the last three candidates but missed out. Much to his father’s and ten-year-old Martin’s disappointment. “So, when this [the Brentford job] came round, I was going to take this, and I was going to make this.” Part of Martin’s motivation came from what had happened to his father. Martin remembers how his father had struggled to find an income when his professional football career had ended – “ducking and diving – like Del Boy in Reading.”

Although the team was struggling on the pitch, Martin remembers feeling “so excited” taking the job and being unveiled at a bingo night. Martin assured those playing bingo that the club would not get relegated that season and that “this is going to be special” and they all laughed thinking “he is mad, there is no way we are staying up.”

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