Farewell Griffin Park

07 October 2020

Brian Godfrey

Brian’s father brought him to Brentford FC from the age of about 5, (his grandfather was a Brentford supporter too). He remembers being given the choice of going shopping with his mum or going to the football with his dad. He admits he knew little about football then as on leaving a match after a one-all draw he asked his dad if there was to be replay. No his dad replied as it was a league not a cup match. The young Brian did not understand this.

Father and son would walk to Chiswick High Street and then catch the bus to Griffin Park, Brian proudly wearing his red and white striped bobble hat and scarf, both knitted by his mother, (there were no replica shirts then).

Brian remembers standing, (the Braemar Rd Stand had the only seating at this time), up against the pitch side fencing at the Ealing Rd end, cheering on his team and waving his wooden rattle. There was no chanting or singing then, (this spread throughout football stadia from the larger clubs after the introduction of televised football in the 60s). Fans were predominantly male although Brian fondly remembers 2 elderly ladies, (sister he believes), who were kind to the youngsters.

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